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EA Sports Creates Cool Christian Pulisic Mini-Doc; I Just Have One (Big) Issue With It

What’s better than a 10-part, eight-hour docuseries about your favorite sports team? How about a three-minute, 25-second mini-documentary on your favorite footballer? At least that’s what EA Sports hopes we prefer with a newly released Christian Pulisic mini-doc to promote FIFA 22, accompanied by a bizarre press release. 

EA Says Please Don’t Rage Quit FIFA 22 After Banning Over 30,000 Players

So how’s everyone enjoying FIFA 22 online then? For the 30,000+ players who were recently issued a seven-day ban for exploiting a FIFA Ultimate Team loophole — giving EA a little taste of its own medicine — I’d venture to say not very much. 

Recently, users discovered that quitting a FUT Champions match didn’t result in a loss. EA resolved the issue, identified users who’d consistently quit without suffering a loss and hit them with the ban. Some players complained on Twitter that their ban was a lot longer than seven days — 993 days longer, to be exact. 

Two FIFA 22 Stats That Will Blow Your Mind — And One That’ll Confirm What You Long Suspected

It’s been 22 days since FIFA 22 came out, and that means EA Sports wants to brag about its latest edition. The video game giant released a cool FIFA infographic summarizing how gamers are playing FIFA 22, and it’s simultaneously revealing and not at all surprising.

More Than A Simulation: Four Tales Of Football Manager's Impact On The Real Soccer World

For many years now, FIFA and PES (now eFootball) have been the one-two punch at the top of the soccer video game world. But while those two franchises flex their big muscles as they quarrel over licensing rights, Football Manager (FM) has quietly stayed on the path and continues to be cherished among intellectually-minded football fans.

I Finally Tried eFootball — Please Don’t Make The Same Mistake

I’ll admit, I was curious. With PES fully rebranding to eFootball and going free to play — something I’ve long thought FIFA should do — I was willing to give the franchise another shot. And yet, I cannot even recommend downloading this janky game right now. 

¿Quiénes Eran Los Jugadores De México Y Otras Selecciones En El International Superstar Soccer Deluxe?

En medio de los estrenos del FIFA 22 y eFootball se apareció la nostalgia y el recuerdo del videojuego que más disfrute en la vida, el International Superstar Soccer Deluxe.

Las tardes de mediados de los noventa eran mágicas cuando alguien sugería jugar Super Nintendo y lograba reunir a cuatro o cinco amigos, convirtiendo casas en estadios con un ambiente similar al Teatro de los Sueños o el Infierno de Estambul, pero también con padres de semblante preocupado, preguntándose si aquellos quinceañeros que tenían frente a sus ojos harían algo con sus vidas algún día.

eAlianza Cup Offers Another Pathway To Success For Latinx Players In The U.S.

As a program that’s helped launch the careers of players like Newcastle United’s Santiago Muñoz, Necaxa’s Jonathan González and Holstein Kiel’s Nico Carrera, the Alianza de Futbol tour acts as the biggest showcase and scouting program for Latinx soccer players in the United States.

Chicharito Prefirió Jugar Call Of Duty WarZone En Vez De Ver El Partido Entre México Y Canadá

Hora de reabrir las heridas entre Javier Hernández y la selección mexicana, capítulo 13.154. ¿A qué no saben qué hacía Chicharito a la misma hora que México y Canadá jugaban en el Azteca por las clasificatorias a Catar 2022?

Bueno, no estaba mirando el partido. O lo hacía sin poner mucha atención, ya que toda su energía estaba en una partida de Call of Duty WarZone que él mismo transmitió a través de su canal en Twitch.

Seguramente varios están reprobando la acción de Hernández, pero para ellos dos cosas:

Why EA Sports Is Thinking About Renaming Its FIFA Franchise (And Potential New Names)

Few words more quickly evoke decades-old video game franchises quite like “FIFA.” It ranks in the echelons of “Mario” and “Sonic,” “Doom” and “Half-Life,” “WoW” and “Madden.” But EA Sports seems ready, willing even, to change the name of its best-selling series. 

EA Sports Group General Manager Cam Weber released a statement on Thursday talking about the “future of football.” In it, he made a not-so-humble brag about early sales numbers for FIFA 22 before trying to give lip service to fans about improving the game series. 

Then he dropped this little bombshell.