Inquisitive Dog Barks Some Questions In Tata Martino Press Conference

Two years into the COVID pandemic, it's safe to say we've all experienced at least one Zoom mishap. Just a couple days ago, for example, my three-year-old daughter yelled "yeah!" after an idea I shared with my colleagues at The18. It wasn't a great idea, but the "yeah!" brought some laughs and a consolation comment from my boss: "At least someone liked it."

Spotify Is Set To Become Barcelona's Main Sponsor, So We Made The Ultimate Barça Playlist

According to the latest reports, Barcelona is set to chip away at its $1.5 billion debt with a couple new shirt sponsorship deals following the expiration of its current contracts with Rakuten (front of the shirt) and Beko (sleeve). Spotify will become the new main sponsor on a five-year deal worth $384 million ($77 million per year) and Polkadot (a cryptocurrency) goes on the sleeve in another five-tear deal worth $113 million ($23 million per year).

Con Solo Mirar El Jersey Tributo Del FC Juárez A Juan Gabriel Dan Ganas De Ir A Bailar Al Noa Noa

Siempre es refrescante ver elementos de la cultura de una ciudad o un país en el diseño de una camiseta de fútbol. Y en ese contexto, lo que el FC Juárez ha hecho con su tercer jersey es simplemente sublime.

Los Bravos acaban de presentar su tercera indumentaria para el Clausura 2022 y su look es tributo a uno de los cantantes más legendarios no solo de México, sino que de toda Latinoamérica: el inmortal Juan Gabriel.

Countdown To Kickoff: Champions League Returns In Just 3 Weeks With Games On CBS

Sixty-nine days after the completion of the group stage, the Champions League returns Feb. 15 with the start of the Round of 16, featuring Real Madrid vs. PSG, Liverpool vs. Inter Milan and Manchester United vs. Atlético. It's important to know the Champions League schedule 2022 with the knockout round matches falling on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 3 p.m. ET — plan out those days of extended lunches or PTO accordingly.

Should You Call Heads Or Tails For A Coin Toss In Soccer?

Heads or tails? Usually, the choice doesn’t matter too much in soccer. Because of the inherent fairness of a football match, there’s no real advantage to kicking off in the first half vs. the second half or which end you defend (barring an extreme weather event). So should you call heads or tails in a coin toss in soccer?

Texan Brek Shea Is Right At Home Catching Snakes In Florida

Inter Miami began preseason training for the 2022 campaign this week, and Brek Shea was back with the club after signing a new deal on Wednesday. At 31, Shea is a versatile winger/wingback/left back with international experience and a couple of trophies on his shelf. He’s an artist on and off the pitch. He’s also a Texan who isn’t afraid of snakes. 

Jorge Meré Y Álvaro Fidalgo, La Dulce Amistad Que Se Reencuentra En El América

Son pocos los que logran cumplir el sueño de jugar fútbol profesional y aún menos aquellos que tienen el privilegio de hacerlo junto a sus amigos de infancia como es el caso de Álvaro Fidalgo y el nuevo refuerzo del América, Jorge Meré.