Own Goal

How Lazio Managed To Score This Own Goal Will Baffle Physicists For Years To Come

When people ask me why I love soccer, I usually talk about how no sport allows players the freedom of creativity like the beautiful game. Maestros can move the ball around the pitch the way an artist moves her paint brush. Registas can pull the strings the way a master violinist plays a solo. Finishers can bring a crowd to its feet faster than the Pope.

But also, I just love all the wacky shit that happens, like the bizarre own goal that proved to be the difference in Galatasaray’s 1-0 win over Lazio in the Europa League on Thursday.

Look Away USMNT Fans, Jack Grealish Just Stole Tyler Adams’ Lunch Money And Left Him For Dead

Manchester City and RB Leipzig played the most thrilling game to open up the 2021-22 Champions League season with a nine-goal thriller that saw City win 6-3. American fans won’t want to talk about the Jack Grealish vs Tyler Adams moment for City’s fourth goal.

Adams was caught ball watching and far too lackadaisical tracking back to get to a ball in his final third. His slowness allowed Grealish to pick up the ball and proceed to do horrible things to the American. Close your eyes USMNT fans, Adams is about to get murdered.

Dang It Honduras, It Should’ve Been The USMNT Losing To A Team That Didn’t Register A Shot On Target

Honduras snatched Concacaf’s final spot at the Olympics away from the USMNT in March. Four months later, Los Catrachos did the USMNT proud by dominating a game against Romania and still finding an incredible way to lose 1-0. I’m sure that USMNT players are punching the air while watching the Honduras vs Romania highlights.

Let me remind you why the USMNT isn’t at the Olympics.

Ghana Defender Scores Two Own Goals To Foil The Most Blatant Match Fixing Attempt Ever Seen

A game in Ghana’s Premier League suffered the most blatant match fixing the soccer world has ever seen. If you’re going to cheat, at least be subtle about it. The Ghana match fixing seems to be fixated around one team, Inter Allies.

Inter Allies sits in last place after 34 games, 14 points astray from the next closest team. It appears that the players on Inter Allies have been betting on the final scores for some of their games in an attempt to get more money.

Rating All Nine Own Goals At Euro 2020 So Far Based On How Awful They Were

If it seems like there have been a lot of own goals during Euro 2020, it's because they have been occurring at a rate unlike anything seen at an international tournament before.

The first European Championship was contested in 1960, and in the 15 tournaments up to now, there have been nine own goals. Through the first 41 matches at this summer's European Championship there have been nine own goals. 

You Have To Watch Spain’s Own Goal Against Croatia To Believe It

This Spain own goal vs Croatia is going to go down as the craziest mistake of Euro 2020. 

Spain had their metaphorical hand snatched on Croatia’s scruff for the opening 20 minutes of Monday’s Round of 16 clash. Sitting in almost total control, the only worry for Spain was a Croatia counterattack. Or so they thought.

If someone watching the game looked away for a split-second, they would have missed this unbelievable error from Spanish goalkeeper Unai Simón. A simple back pass from Pedri turned disastrous.

Como Un Glitch En El FIFA: El Horrendo Autogol De Martin Dubravka

Hay días en que uno puede ser héroe. Hay otros en que uno puede ser villano. Y también hay días en que uno puede tener un poco de héroe y un poco de villano. 

El arquero de Eslovaquia, Martin Dubravka, vivió algo de lo último en el duelo ante España, en el cierre del Grupo F de la Euro 2020. 

El lado héroe vino temprano, en el minuto 11, cuando el golero del Newcastle extendió el período de miserias de Álvaro Morata, tapándole un penal.

Una Vez CR7 No Quiso Intercambiarle Su Camiseta Y Hoy Se Vengó Despedazando A Portugal

Alemania se recuperó de su derrota inicial ante Francia, venciendo este sábado a Portugal por 4-2 y manteniendo intactas sus esperanzas de seguir avanzando en la Euro 2020. La gran figura del encuentro fue Robin Gosens, lateral de Atalanta, quien de paso logró perpetrar una dulce venganza personal hacia Cristiano Ronaldo.