Chronicles Of The Crest: Chelsea FC

With a prominent badge recognized around the world, the history of Chelsea FC is very rich. Starting in 1905, the team's logo featured a man in an army headdress. The image was borrowed from the Royal Hospital Chelsea, where veterans of the British army were treated. From 1952-1953 while the team awaited a new logo, a monogram of the letters "CFC" was used. In 1953, the new logo was complete. It featured a blue lion taken from the family coat of arms of the Earl Cadogan Club. In 1986, Ken Bates, the new owner, simplified and madernized the logo.

Ryan Reynolds Completes Wrexham Takeover

Actors Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) and Rob McElhenney (It's Always Sunny In Philidelphia) have teamed up in a bid to takeover Welsh club Wrexham AFC. It is the oldest club in Wales and the third oldest soccer club in the world. Wrexham competes in the National League, which is the fifth tier in England. In their mission statement the duo outlined their plans for the future of the club including making Wrexham a global force, to update the club's stadium (The Racecourse), and to always beat Chester, the team's rival.

Burnley Has Proven It Belongs Among The EPL Giants, But Could Its Stay Be Coming To An End?

It is fair to say that money controls the Premier League. Money is the reason Manchester City and Liverpool are title contenders, while Brighton and West Brom languish near the bottom of the table.

Soccernomics co-authors Simon Kuper and Stefan Szymanski calculated that 90 percent of variation in league position in the Premier League is determined by a club's wage bill.

Netflix Shells Out $20M For New David Beckham Documentary

David Beckham has closed a $20 million deal with Netflix for his new documentary. The former England captain will be the subject of a documentary, co-produced by his production company, Studio 99. The documentary will take viewers inside Beckham's rise to fame as a soccer player and international icon.

Maradona, An All-Time Great

Few players create a lasting impact on the game like Maradona has. Once the greatest player in the world, Maradona has imprinted his moments of genius on the pitch into the memories of his fans. Off the pitch Maradona finds himself frequently in questionable health, but he always manages to recover.

Quiz: Can You Guess If These Crazy Soccer Stats Are True?

A stat crossed my timeline the other day showing that Lionel Messi has 35 goals from direct free kicks for Barcelona over the last decade. That in and of itself is impressive, but perhaps even more extraordinary is the fact that Messi's free kick total is higher than any other club in Europe's top five leagues during that span.

A Definitive Ranking Of Original MLS Logos

Major League Soccer is currently celebrating its 25th season in existence, so now is a great time to celebrate the league's storied history. And the best of its history? The original MLS logos.

Soccer in the 1990s was full of crazy uniforms, audacious logos and wild hair, and no league embodied this more than MLS.

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