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The Obvious Giveaways That You Might Be A Goalkeeper

Everyone knows that goalkeepers are a quirky bunch, heck you have to be a bit nuts to actually enjoy facing flying projectiles hit with excessive force. Being a keeper entails toeing the line between being eccentric and being flat-out crazy. Below are some of the strongest indications that you might be a goalkeeper.

Signs You Might Be A Goalkeeper...

You are very particular about the type of surface you play on

Toronto FC Signs Youngest Player In Club History

The 2019 MLS runner-up Toronto FC has decided to invest in youth as it announced the signing of 15-year-old Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty on Wednesday morning.

Vermont Girls High School Team Stands Up For Equal Pay

After the U.S. women’s national team won its fourth Women’s World Cup this summer they spent most of their celebratory parades and interviews discussing the gender pay gap. Women across the nation earn 79 cents for every $1 men earn and for the USWNT and female athletes everywhere, this is not acceptable. Not only did the USWNT start campaigning for its equal pay movement, but they have influenced other athletes both male and female, as well as younger generations to take a stand and help make a difference. 

The Best Soccer Pre-Game Pump Up Songs Out There Right Now (Fall 2019)

Warning: It’s come to my attention that this goes hard, but that’s how three points are earned, right? With distorted basslines and hi-hats. So with the coming of a new fall season comes a new playlist to break the bricks off the locker room walls. This is the best soccer music playlist out there (according to me). Here’s the full track list and the Spotify playlist comes after that.

High School Soccer Vs DA: Why Academies Will Soon Rule The U.S. Soccer Landscape

Youth soccer in America is changing. Over the past few years, U.S. soccer has moved to profoundly address the exclusivity of high-level grass roots play. Talented footballers at the high school age can get offered to play for a program known as a Development Academy (DA). Both Major League Soccer and other youth clubs all over the U.S. have Development Academy teams, from the high school age all the way down to U-12. 

Falling Light Pole Breaks Ref’s Leg, Nearly Crushes Player During HS Soccer Match

An assistant referee and a player were taken to the hospital after a wooden light pole was knocked over by heavy winds, crashing onto the field during a high school soccer match on Saturday in Clarksville, Arkansas. 

The referee sustained two broken bones in his leg while the player had superficial wounds to his head and legs, according to KFSM. Neither injury was considered life-threatening. 

Unbelievable 55-Yard Screamer From Kickoff Wins Minnesota State Title In Double Overtime

We’re going to be real here: Unless you live in Minnesota and are tuned in to the youth soccer scene, you probably don’t pay any attention to Minnesota high school soccer.

Fortunately, we here at The18 have eyes on every soccer game everywhere (seriously, when you’re playing your little brother in the back yard, we’re watching; it’s creepy). 

So today we get to bring you a stunning highlight from the Minnesota high school soccer Class A championship game — and with good reason.

The Record For The Longest Penalty Shootout Is The Definition Of Insanity

Penalty kick shootouts are a part of soccer that people love to hate. Rightfully so, most believe that a series of pressure-filled spot kicks to settle a game after 120 minutes of deadlocked, hard-fought play is both cruel and unusual. The drama of a penalty kick shootout is undeniable no matter the circumstance. However, tensions reached a mind-boggling level during a playoff between two Southern California high schools in February of 2012.