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How The Women's World Cup Works: A Guide For Everyone

In many ways, the Women’s World Cup is a lot like its male counterpart. In many ways, it isn’t. So with the tournament set to arrive this summer in France, we thought we’d explain how the Women's World Cup works in 2019.

The men’s World Cup has been around since 1930, but the women’s World Cup didn’t start until 1991. The men’s World Cup has 32 teams, the women’s just 24. The U.S. sucks at the men’s World Cup; the U.S. dominates at the Women’s World Cup.

After The 20-0 Game, UEFA Looking At New Qualifying Format For Next Women’s World Cup

UEFA will change the format of its continental qualifiers for the Women's World Cup from 2023 following criticism over a lack of competitiveness, the head of women's football at the European soccer governing body, Nadine Kessler, has said.

New Polling Shows Americans Really Want Biennial World Cup — I’d Like To Speak To The Manager

As FIFA continues to float the idea of a biennial men’s World Cup — bucking nearly a century of norms to hold the tourney twice as often — most everyone with any sort of stake in the beautiful game has come out against the idea. And yet, we continue to see polling data suggesting soccer fans actually want a World Cup every two years. 

30 Years Ago Today, The USWNT Played The Most Important Match In Women’s Soccer History

Thirty years ago to the day, the U.S. edged Norway 2-1 to claim the first Women’s World Cup title. Except, it wasn’t called the Women’s World Cup yet, matches were only 80 minutes because FIFA didn’t think women could handle a full 90 and the USWNT returned home to a greeting party of three. The first Women’s World Cup was far from the blockbuster it is today, but it was a start, one that can’t be forgotten on its 30-year anniversary.

¿Cómo Le Fue A La CONCACAF Cada Vez Que Enfrentó A Oceanía En Un Repechaje Mundialista?

Desde su hogar en Zurich, Suiza, la FIFA se reunió a jugar a la bolitas dentro de una tómbola y así determinar cómo será la clasificación al Mundial de Catar 2022 para aquellas selecciones que apuestan al repechaje, lo cual incluye al equipo que termine en el cuarto puesto del Octagonal Final de la Concacaf. 

U.S. Leapfrogs Mexico In FIFA Rankings For First Time In 6 Years, Canada Ties Highest Ranking In History

FIFA believes that the USMNT is better than Mexico for the first time since July 2015. The latest FIFA rankings were released on Friday, with the Americans (12) sitting two spots above their southern neighbor (14). Some Swiss cheese in the middle created a lovely Concacaf sandwich.

Premier League Clubs Make Huge Decision On FIFA’s Biennial World Cup Plan

Premier League clubs have unanimously opposed FIFA's plans for a biennial World Cup and extended international breaks from 2024, the league's chief executive Richard Masters said on Thursday.

Soccer's world governing body is considering holding the global showpiece event every two years instead of every four once the international match calendar is revamped after 2024.

Aficionados Porfiados Dejan Al Tri Sin Público En Los Dos Próximos Partidos De Local

El implacable mazo de la FIFA vuelve a caer sobre la selección mexicana. La nueva sanción del organismo sobre el Tri incluye una suculenta multa de 100 mil francos suizos (cerca de 100 mil dólares) y dos partidos de local sin público en las tribunas.

No hay que ser genio para saber la causa del castigo, pero por si vienes llegando de Urano, entérate que es por el infame grito homófobo "¡eeeh, puto!" que resuena en las gradas cada vez que el Tri masculino juega en casa.

IFAB Wants To Make Temporary Covid-Era Rule Change Permanent

Soccer's law-making body on Wednesday recommended that competition organisers should have the option of allowing teams to continue using up to five substitutes per game.

The International Football Association Board's (IFAB) Football and Technical Advisory Panels (FAP-TAP) said the decision on implementing the rule would rest with competition organisers.