18 Of The Best Ray Hudson Calls Brought To Life

Ray Hudson's Best Calls


17. “Showing him this much space is like handing the keys to the blood bank to Dracula.”


16. “Defenders try to follow him on Facebook and he comes out on Twitter, that’s how evasive he is.”


15. “As electrifying as a hairdryer thrown into a hot tub, my friend.”

14. “He could shave a mouse in his sleep and not disturb her.”


Watch: Commentator doesn’t realize his mic has autotune enabled and gives epic goal call

The wonders of autotune have forever changed the music landscape, now it’s made its way to the broadcasting scene. 

In a hilarious video a commentator in Argentina didn’t realize autotune was turned on while calling an Argentina Reserve League game.

Excursionistas opened the scoring with a great cross and finish, but this goal will always be remembered for the autoned commentary.

Argentina autotune goal commentary

Jamie Carragher crosses line when suggesting Kate Abdo hasn’t been loyal to her boyfriend

The CBS Sports Champions League crew are always teasing one another and providing hilarious moments on camera, but a Jamie Carragher Kate Abdo joke went too far during Tuesday’s coverage.

Carragher, Abdo, Thierry Henry and Micah Richards provided their coverage and analysis from Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium on Tuesday.

The crew were doing a bit during the show where each of them had to wear an Arsenal jersey during the broadcast. Former Manchester City player Richards was the first to wear it before it was passed on to Liverpool great Carragher.

Alexi Lalas claps back to Lindsey Horan and says American soccer fans are ‘the most educated’

Drama in the U.S. Soccer sphere wouldn’t be complete without former player and pundit Alexi Lalas chiming in to give his opinion. Lalas has responded to USWNT captain Lindsey Horan’s quote about American soccer fans not being smart.

Horan’s chief complaint with American soccer fans was when they only listen to what the U.S. pundits and commentators say and accept that as the truth.

Baltimore Ravens hit CR7’s SIU celebration in humorous football/fútbol crossover

Cristiano Ronaldo’s iconic “SIU” celebration has been popular for years now and has reached the point where it has crossed over into other sports. CR7’s go-to celly made an appearance on Sunday Night Football when the Baltimore Ravens had a planned routine after a touchdown.

Zay Flowers Ronaldo celebration

Rookie wide receiver Zay Flowers scored late in the game on Sunday against the Los Angeles Chargers and had clearly been practicing a Ronaldo celebration.

Alexi Lalas causes feces storm on social media after tweet about the U.S. southern border

Alexi Lalas put the FOX in FOX Soccer this week with a random tweet saying that the United States’ southern border is “a national embarrassment.” The U.S. Soccer community was quick to tear Lalas to shreds.

To clarify, the intent of this article isn’t to put a spotlight on Lalas and his political takes. It’s more so that I had to read this garbage and I don’t want to be the only one suffering.

If you thought Lalas’ soccer takes were annoying, just wait for his political talk.

Milan’s commentator sounds like a proud American every time Pulisic scores and it’s hilarious

MilanTV commentator Mauro Suma is loving the arrival of Christian Pulisic to AC Milan more than anyone else. The Italian commentator has seen two Pulisic goals in two games and his reactions are the best.

Suma’s call of Pulisic’s goal vs. Torino from Saturday is about as good as it gets. The USMNT star opened the scoring in the 33rd minute to give Milan a 1-0 lead and this was Suma’s response on air.

Alexi Lalas says mid-tantrum that he doesn’t want to see good defending in MLS

Aug. 1 was an incredibly dark day for me personally. On that day I happened to agree with an opinion from Alexi Lalas. His thoughts on the United States women’s national team’s 0-0 draw with Portugal matched mine.

Carli Lloyd grills USWNT for dancing and celebrating after the 0-0 draw vs. Portugal

United States women’s national team legend Carli Lloyd has become one of the big talking points of the USWNT’s 0-0 draw vs. Portugal on Tuesday.

Lloyd was not enthused to see her former teammates dancing and celebrating after the lackluster performance and went on a mini rant.

Épico tapaboca de la Liga MX a quienes piden porterías más pequeñas para el fútbol femenil

A la Liga MX no le gusta mucho la idea de achicar las porterías del fútbol femenil que anda rondando en el ambiente y lo hizo saber de manera elocuente con un legendario tapabocas en Twitter.

Exigen porterías más pequeñas para el fútbol femenil

El concepto de empequeñecer los arcos (y también los campos) en el balompié femenino no es nuevo, pero volvió a la palestra esta semana en México luego de una nefasta entrevista que le hizo ESPN a la goleadora de Pumas Desirée Monsiváis.