This Mewis Sisters Quiz Is The Friday Content You Need

After 10 years, the Mewis sisters are still supplying superb content to U.S. Soccer’s YouTube channel. This Mewis sisters quiz remake is easily the best reboot since the Lion King. 

Kristie and Sam Mewis became the first sisters to represent the USWNT at a Women’s World Cup at the 2008 U-17 competition and they’ve been in and out of the senior USWNT lineup ever since 2013. In 2010, the two recorded a sister quiz segment for U.S. Soccer. After Kristie scored her first USWNT goal in seven years last week, the federation posted a second sister quiz on Friday, 10 years later. (Video above.)

We didn’t get as many USWNT matches as we would have liked in 2020 because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic (the Olympics were postponed and the NWSL season was switched up). Nonetheless, Kristie, 29, thrived in 2020, helping the Houston Dash win the NWSL Challenge Cup to earn her way back into the national team setup. It came a year after Sam, 28, won the 2019 Women’s World Cup. 

Needless to say, both sisters are extremely accomplished, and even though Sam is now playing overseas with Manchester City, the two stay in close touch, making this second quiz just as joyous as the first. (The original is below.)

Among the highlights from the new Mewis sisters quiz is Sam making some veiled references to breaking shit during post-Women’s World Cup celebrations (“It was an expensive celebration, because I broke a couple things”) and the two coming to a decision on what the plural of Mewis should be. Personally my favorite part was the two of them talking about how they thrived in the bubble at the NWSL Challenge Cup, where all they had to do was play soccer and stay in their rooms. 

Do yourself a favor and watch the above video to get to know the Mewis sisters better. Watch the original Mewis sisters quiz below too while you’re at it; the production values are out of this world.

The Original Mewis Sisters Quiz

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