Club America’s GK Shows Alisson How To Deal With A Pesky Forward Press

Agustin Marchesin chopped his teammate in half because the gegenpress is a load of nonsense.

Here we have Club America No. 1 Agustin Marchesin facing an eerily similar situation to the one confronted by Liverpool’s Alisson against Leicester City back on Sept. 1. Alisson, of course, infamously gave the ball away while performing your grandmother’s wedding dance steps, allowing Rachid Ghezzal to pull one back. 

This is just a training exercise, but it does to a good job of showing the difference between Brazilian goalkeepers and their Argentine peers. La Albiceleste are known to get a bit more physical when push comes to shove.

Seriously though, what a dickhead. The way he walks away like, “Yeah, he 100 percent deserved what was coming to him,” just for a bit of pressure is insane. 

The player applying said pressure is America U-20 prospect Arturo Sanchez. Such is the life and times of a player trying to break into the first team.

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