Tragic News That Afghani National Team Player Was One Victim Who Fell From U.S. Plane

Afghan news agency Ariana made an announcement that one of the victims who fell from the U.S. plane at the Kabul airport on Monday was 19-year-old Afghani footballer Zaki Anwari.

Anwari played for the Afghanistan youth national team. He was one of many people attempting to flee the country after the Taliban captured the capital city following the United States' military withdrawl.

Several people clung to the side of the United States Air Force Boeing C-17 as it took off to leave the country for Qatar.

Afghanistan’s General Directorate for Sport confirmed that Anwari was one of the victims. I won’t be linking the video of the plane’s actual takeoff as it is highly disturbing. If you truly wish to watch, I’m sure the video is somewhere on Reddit or Twitter.

Sport is truly an afterthought at horrific and saddening times like this. We can only hope for the health and well-being for all individuals affected by recent events.

Soccer in Afghanistan will likely undergo a large change, especially with the women’s national team. Khalida Popal, the former captain of Afghanistan’s women’s team, urged all the players on the team to burn their jerseys and erase any social media posts of them playing.

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