Emma Hayes gives clue on when USWNT Olympic roster will come out

Fans have been dying to know when will USWNT Olympic roster be announced. New head coach Emma Hayes might’ve slipped the date it will come out.

A total of 18 players will make the cut for the plane to Paris for the 2024 Olympics. The roster is expected to be announced in June and Hayes hinted that it could be June 16.

During an interview with NBC’s TODAY crew Hayes was asked about how she’ll balance the roster between young and veteran players. Her answer included a deadline of June 16 to figure out that balance.

Hayes gives hint of when will USWNT Olympic roster be announced

The USWNT haven’t announced an official date for the roster reveal, but June 16 would be around the right time. Back in 2021 the Olympic roster was revealed on June 23, with the USWNT’s first match in the Tokyo Games being a month later on July 21.

For the 2024 Olympics the USWNT’s first game will be on July 25. About a month before the first group stage game is when the roster will be announced.

We thought perhaps Hayes misspoke and meant July 16, which is the final friendly game before the Olympics, however the Olympic roster will already be announced by then.

The U.S. will play two sendoff games with the Olympic roster against Mexico (July 13) and Costa Rica (July 16). After those games Hayes and co. will travel to France for the Olympics.

An official answer to the question of when will USWNT Olympic roster be announced is yet to be revealed, but we’d keep an eye around June 16.

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