Napoli could lose Victor Osimhen over an idiotic video posted by their TikTok account

The person/people in charge of running Napoli’s TikTok account are in hot water after a video they posted making fun of their star striker Victor Osimhen angered the player. The Osimhen TikTok video insulted the 24-year-old for missing a penalty and now the player’s agent is threatening legal action against the club.

Osimhen TikTok video posted by Napoli

The post has been deleted but the damage has already been done.

Osimhen’s penalty miss in the TikTok video was from Napoli’s 0-0 draw with Balogna on Sunday. The Nigerian striker was subbed off before the game ended and butted heads with manager Rudi Garcia over that decision.

With Osimhen already upset about being taken out of the game, he must have been fuming when he saw his own club making fun of him on social media.

TikTok accounts for professional teams is sort of uncharted waters in terms of social media. Typically, a team’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram will provide updates for teams, games and other events/trainings for the club. 

TikTok accounts tend to be a bit more out there with bizarre content aimed at humor and is less professional. Napoli pushed their content too far with multiple TikToks about Osimhen that have crossed the line.

Osimhen's response to the TikTok drama was to delete every photo from his Instagram that involved him and Napoli. 

Fans also noticed that he didn't celebrate when he scored for Napoli on Wednesday.

Last season he won the golden boot in Serie A with 26 goals. Across all competitions he finished with 31 goals in 39 games. Imagine if Napoli lose their best player because some idiot running the TikTok page tried to be funny.

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