UEFA president hints about plans for a Champions League final played in the USA

Imagine if the UEFA Champions League final wasn’t played in Europe but instead in the United States of America. While the idea sounds far-fetched, UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin said on Tuesday that a plan to host UCL games in the U.S. has been discussed before.

Ceferin really peaked fans’ interest when he hinted that the final could be played in the states.

UEFA Champions League in USA rumors

This would be huge for soccer in the U.S.

The only times American fans get to watch top European clubs play stateside is during meaningless summer friendlies. Getting to watch the best in the world competing in the U.S. AND actually caring about the game? Sign us up.

LaLiga has tried several times in the past to schedule a few regular season games in the states, however those plans have yet to become reality.

With the success the NFL has had with its international series, it’s no wonder that UEFA would want to get in on the cash action of hosting competitive games overseas. Ceferin himself said that Americans are willing to pay high dollar prices to see the best play.

If a Champions League game was to be played in the U.S., then it would most likely be the final as it’s the only game played at a neutral venue. Getting a team to give up one of their home games in the knockout stages or qualifying round would be nearly impossible.

The good news is that if UEFA decides to host the final in the U.S., then it would be the last club game of the season. A non-final UCL game in the states would mean that players would have a midweek game on one side of the world and then have to travel back to Europe for their league games that weekend. Probably not going to happen.

Here are our top six picks for where the UCL final should be played in the U.S.

Where we want a UCL final to be hosted in the U.S.

6. Allegiant Stadium

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5. Jerry World (AT&T Stadium)

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4. MetLife Stadium

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3. Michigan Stadium

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2. SoFi Stadium

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1. Rose Bowl

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