Ronaldinho makes appearance in Piqué's Kings League but refuses to run

Coaxed onto the pitch by Gerard Piqué and the fulfillment of his appearance fee, Ronaldinho made a brief cameo in the Kings League on Sunday as the 12th man for Ibai Llanos' Porcinos FC team.

The true king was in the building.

The 42-year-old displayed his legendary touch during pre-match warmups, but then he took a spot on the bench.

As is always the case in the Kings League, the kick-off was the main highlight.

Ronaldinho entered the fray when Porcinos had a dangerous free kick, but captain Ronnie sent his effort into the wall.

The match finished 0-0 so we went to penalties, which work like the old school MLS shootouts with attackers dribbling at the goalkeeper. The referee informed Ronaldinho of the procedure and the 2005 Ballon d'Or winner immediately said to hell with that — he didn't want to run.  

Porcinos lost the shootout but Kings League won the engagements.

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