Always Sunny’s Rob McElhenney Is Trying To Buy A Club In England’s Fifth Tier

Ryan Reynolds is also involved, but I’ve never seen Deadpool.

In an incredibly unexpected piece of news that I absolutely did not make up (here’s the club statement; here’s the report from Sky Sports), Rob McElhenney (better known as Mac McDonald) and Ryan Reynolds (better known as Van Wilder) are coming together in hopes of buying Wrexham AFC, a Welsh club in England’s fifth tier. 

While that might not sound that sexy, Wrexham is the oldest club in Wales (formed in 1864), plays at the legendary Racecourse Ground with a capacity of 10,771 and boasts a passionate following — the club has been owned by its own supporters since 2011.

However, the club has been stuck in the fifth division since relegation from the third division in 2005 followed by a drop from the fourth in 2008, so it’s understandable that yesterday’s vote to continue talks with McElhenney and Reynolds was affirmed by 97.5 percent of the 1,223 members. 

The next step is the duo putting forward its vision for Wrexham and a proposal for members to vote on at another meeting. 

Having said all that, I’m disappointed — with how damn good “The Gang Gets Invincible” (Philadelphia Eagles), “The World Series Defense” (Philadelphia Phillies) and “Mac’s Big Break” (Philadelphia Flyers) are — that the Philadelphia Union haven’t featured in an Always Sunny episode.   

Hopefully this now serves as a jumping-off point.