Horrific Scenes In Mexico As Over A Dozen Feared Dead After Brawl Between Querétaro And Atlas Fans

Barbaric, senseless and horrific scenes took place at Estadio Corregidor between Querétaro and Atlas fans on Saturday that has reportedly left fans dead. Mixed reporting has come in Saturday evening with one report claiming that 17 people have been killed due to fan violence. Other reports say people have been taken to the hospital but no mention of deaths.

"The report of the unfortunate events of the Corregidora de Querétaro… There is one person seriously injured and 5 more very delicate."

In the second half of the game fights broke out between the two sets of fans. When the violence started spreading around the stadium fans began pouring onto the field looking for safety. Fighting then continued on the field, in the stands and outside the stadium. The images and videos of families, women and children running for their lives is heartbreaking. The game was suspended.

The following video is believed to be how the brawl began. While this footage contains fighting there isn’t any killing or blood in this clip.

The rest of the videos circulating on Twitter are violent, graphic and nightmarish. The aggressors used anything they could as weapons to attack rival fans. Many of the fans who were attacked were also stripped of their clothes.

This isn’t the first time that Querétaro fans have suspended a game due to violence. In 2019 a brawl between Atletico San Luis and Querétaro supporters ended up with 37 people injured.

Liga MX president Mikel Arriola has publicly condemned that violence.

“Inadmissible and unfortunate violence in the Corregidora stadium in Querétaro. Those responsible for the lack of security in the stadium will be punished in an exemplary manner. The safety of our players and fans is priority!”

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