Nike Prioritizes Employees’ Mental Health By Giving Them A Week Off

Nike is one of the largest corporations in the world, especially in the sports niche, and recently it has taken a stand to put its employees first. Covid-19 and quarantine greatly impacted many families' and individuals' lives, and the world is still trying to recover from the loss and challenges everyone experienced. Being trapped inside for over a year, the news covering a fluctuation in positive cases and the uncertainty of when the world will go back to normal are all reasons people are struggling in the workplace and even on the pitch. 

As many athletes have taken a stand for raising awareness about mental health, the powerhouse Nike also recognized the difficult time its employees were going through. Corporate offices were closed for a week to help its employees regroup and take some time to relax. Alongside the struggling population of workers, Nike athletes have also been taking time to themselves to put their mental health first. One big name that was a recent topic of conversation was Simone Biles. After Biles announced she was opting out of an Olympic event, she received backlash. Mental health is a crucial part of being a successful athlete, and no matter much money professionals are making, nothing is worth risking a mental breakdown. 

The NWSL has been a big contributor in raising awareness on mental health as many players have engaged in vulnerable and real conversations regarding their battle with maintaining a healthy mental state. Recently, the NWSL Players Association announced its partnership with Soccer Resilient. This partnership will encourage the importance of mental health and mindset training within the NWSL. Additionally, Soccer Resilient staff will be able to work one-on-one with NWSL players and clubs. This resource will allow players to speak their minds about what they are dealing with off the field and give them a safe space. 

The fact that one of the biggest corporations that promotes recovery products and athletic wear realized its employees needed time to rest and recover shows that mental health is important. Hopefully this is something professional athletes and clubs sponsored by Nike can utilize with their respective teams to ensure high quality performance and healthy mindsets. 

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