Messi And Ronaldo Dock Their Yachts Next To Each Other In Ibiza

Someone call TMZ. It's too good to be true. Messi and Ronaldo have apparently docked their yachts just feet apart in Ibiza as they each holiday (separately, we think) with friends and family.

OK...relax. Somebody did already call TMZ. Which is good. Because this convergence of global superstars in a single location is enough to send any paparazzi back into a pre-pubescent state of bed wetting.

If you don't believe us that Messi and Ronaldo have parked their yachts practically on top of each other, see Exhibit A below:

Messi and Ronaldo Yachts

Too close for comfort. (Photo: Twitter)

It turns out there are three yachts separating Messi's yacht from Ronaldo's yacht. Can you imagine being on one of those yachts in between Messi and Ronaldo? You'd be on the phone telling your best friend, "Holy sh*t, you're not going to believe it but Messi just parked next to me..." And then you'd see Ronaldo and his abs pulling in 3 yachts over and your head would explode. If you study the picture carefully, it does look like the dude standing on the deck of Kirios is trying to figure out how to awkwardly make his way to the head (that's how you say toilet on a boat, people) because he just soiled his pants. That, or he's wondering where his girlfriend went.

If you're wondering what kind of yachts the stars rented because you'd like to rent one yourself, here's the deal.

Messi chartered a 85-foot, 10-berth yacht with a personal chef, three crew members, four cabins and two bathrooms. It also has two kayaks, a paddleboard and a jet ski. It's called "Seven C," which is either a word play on the seven seas, or referring to how many careers a normal person would have to have to afford renting the boat. Messi reportedly paid $8,500 per day for the charter. You can rent Seven C here when he's done, if you're so inclined.

Messi and Ronaldo Yachts

The "Seven C" yacht comes with 2 kayaks, a paddleboard a jetski and lifetime pimp status. (Photo: @jacktarcharter | Twitter)

While we don't know the name of Ronaldo's yacht – it's probably something like "Oiled Thunder" – we do know that it is 8 meters or 25 feet bigger than Messi's. Which puts it at a whopping 110 feet. It does not look like Ronaldo, or Messi for that matter, are having a bad time:

Reportedly, fans have been taking selfies all day with Messi and Ronaldo's yachts. How they get past security is beyond us. Also, Zinedine Zidane's yacht is parked somewhere in the mix as well. As far as we can tell, this is like an offseason La Liga reunion and we wish we were invited.

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