Gregg Berhalter receives criticism for his ‘1-1’ message to USMNT prior to Uruguay free kick

One of the big talking points following the United States men’s national team’s 1-0 loss to Uruguay was the Gregg Berhalter 1-1 gesture to his players shortly before conceding.

Prior to Uruguay’s goal the USMNT had been given a lifeline from the other Group C game as Bolivia scored against Panama to make the score 1-1. If that game were to remain a draw and the USMNT tied Uruguay, the U.S. would advance to the knockout stage.

The news of Bolivia’s equalizer spread through the fans at Arrowhead Stadium as the cameras captured supporters learning and sharing the news. Then Berhalter was shown giving a “1-1” message to his players.

Gregg Berhalter 1-1 gesture to USMNT

Fans were furious over this moment from Berhalter with some saying that the head coach looking for help from other results encapsulates the mentality of the current USMNT.

Yahoo Sports’ Henry Bushnell had asked Berhalter prior to the Uruguay game if the team had plans about communicating the score of Bolivia-Panama. Berhalter said no.

“No, we’re not going to need to do live updates during the game,” Berhalter said. “At halftime, if something needs to be said, we’ll say it. If not, we’re really focused on winning the soccer game.”


Berhalter was asked after the game about the “1-1” signal and he admitted he was telling his players about the other Group C game.

“In the course of the game, when Bolivia equalized, it was getting the information out. That we wanted to be smart, solid. Panama is tied in the game. And, um, yeah.”

Some critics argue that Berhalter trying to relay the message distracted his team from defending an important set piece. A set piece that proved to be fatal.

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