Folarin Balogun admits he was surprised USMNT fans tracked down his location in Orlando

New United States men’s national team forward Folarin Balogun said that he was surprised when U.S. fans discovered his location in Orlando from an Instagram post back in March.

Folarin Balogun USMNT fans comment

Rewind three months and this was the situation:

Balogun hadn’t committed to the USMNT yet and had been called up for England’s U-21 squad for the international break. The 21-year-old didn’t attend the England camp, posted an Instagram story that said, “go where you’re appreciated” and then posted this photo.

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At first glance the photo looked entirely normal. Enter the super sleuths of USMNT Twitter who revealed that the picture was taken in Orlando. The same city that the U.S. was playing El Salvador in the Concacaf Nations League that week.

U.S. fans even went as far as inspecting the grass and temperatures from another one of Balogun’s post. The grass looked awfully similar to the fields that national team was training on.

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USMNT Twitter was spot-on with their detective work. Give yourselves a round of applause. Last month Balogun admitted that the persistence and love from USMNT fans on social media did play some part in his decision to represent the U.S. over England.

“I knew the U.S. was obviously a big country, but I didn’t realize how many people were involved in soccer, especially every time I went on social media I was seeing loads of comments with people saying I should choose to represent the U.S. It’s nice to feel that appreciation for sure,” Balogun said.

Here was the full interview with Balogun and Yunus Musah.

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