Cristiano Ronaldo Uses Levitation To Score Twice In Juventus Win

Juve defeated Crotone 3-0 on Monday to keep the pressure on Inter.

Cristiano Ronaldo, like every other footballer on the planet, is underrated when it comes to headers.

There are a couple reasons for this: (1) The only players that are genuinely rated when it comes to headers are Peter Crouch (because the man’s 6 feet 7 inches) and Harry Maguire (because his cranium is so big he’s called Slab-Head), and (2) headers just aren’t that memorable; there’s Robin van Persie taking flight against Spain, there’s Lionel Messi towering over Rio Ferdinand and there’s all the freaky shit that Ronaldo does.

With a 30-inch vertical leap, Ronaldo’s jumpman is great but not elite. What sets him apart is his remarkable ability to judge the flight of the cross, get himself in the right place and seemingly float through air before finishing with the clarity of his feet. 

When you think of a headed effort, you generally get the visual of an attacker running his hands through his hair and gazing at the heavens in torment after ballooning one high and wide; when you think of a Ronaldo headed effort, you think of goals like clockwork. 

Perhaps the best visualization of his aerially prowess isn’t any in-game highlight but the time he converted opportunities in total darkness.    

On Monday, Ronaldo again showcased why he’s the world’s best aviator with a brace of headers against Crotone. The first showcased his movement and accuracy. The timing of the run, initiated as soon as Alex Sandro received the ball, gave the VAR issues, while his cross-goal finish left Alex Cordaz rooted to the spot.

His second — after ripping an effort from distance before continuing his movement into the box — showcased his ability to float through the atmosphere before burying it.  

Juve would add a third in the 66th-minute through Weston McKennie, who excelled in the middle of the park. The 22-year-old American now has five goals this season.  

Juventus trails Serie A leader Inter Milan by eight points but still maintains a game in hand. Next up is Verona on Saturday. 

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