Claudio Ranieri Look-Alike Claims To Have Bedded 26 Women Due To Leicester Title

Leicester City's unexpected title has caused all sorts of amazing stories, like this one involving a man who looks like Claudio Ranieri.

Alan Ashcroft is an unemployed electrician who looks a lot like Leicester City manager Claudio Ranieri, according to British "newspaper" Sunday Sport. Thanks to this resemblance, Ashcroft claims he has been able to sleep with 26 women since Leicester won the Premier League title. 

Reportedly Ashcroft, who was born in Scotland, settled in one of the rooms at the Travelodge Hotel in Leicester two weeks ago. Since then, he says, 26 women have passed through his bed thinking he was Claudio Ranieri.

It should be noted here that Sunday Sport is to newspapers what cheez whiz is to actual cheese.

"I feel like I've won the genetic lottery," he supposedly told Sunday Sport. "Every time I go out for a bevvy I'm surrounded by women. They cannot get enough of me." 

"I want it to be known that I never lie to the women. I never say I am Ranieri. They just assume I am — and I do not correct them."


The article goes on to say that Ashford has tried to hide his Scottish accent, rather simulating Ranieri's Italian accent, and he claims that the formula has worked for him with total success.

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