Not Even The Linesman Could Believe This Bicycle Kick Goal From Marija Banušić

There are few things in life that irk me more than men who say they won’t watch women’s sports because they think they aren’t as good as men’s sports. Anyone who makes such naïve comments clearly has never taken the time to actually watch women’s sports and probably has some deep-rooted misogyny they need to work out. Just look at this Roma Women bicycle kick from Marija Banušić, which proved to be the winner in a 4-3 thriller against Inter Milan on Saturday.

While it would be incorrect and ignorant to say men and women are identical in all respects (we have differences that can be celebrated, not derided), when it comes to what humans can do on the pitch, there is no difference. 

In Roma’s win on Saturday, Banušić pulled off an incredible bicycle kick goal, the type of perfect strike I couldn’t even dream of scoring. 

Maybe if FIFA actually added some women’s clubs I could try to pull this off in a video game, but never in real life. What made it even better, it was a first career goal for Roma for the 25-year-old Swede who signed with the club in February. 

So incredible was the bicycle kick goal that it appeared the linesman was left flabbergasted. (The reactions from the Inter players were just as epic.)

(It’s possible the referee was just hiding his lips while communicating to the referee, but it sure looks like he’s got his hand over his mouth to cover his gasp.)

The goal came in the 72nd minute and made the match 4-1. It proved to be the winner after Inter scored two goals to make things interesting late. 

Show that Roma Women bicycle kick goal to anyone who refuses to watch soccer. If you don’t love that, you don’t love soccer. (Or you’re an Inter fan.)

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