Watch: Australia’s A-League All Stars destroy Newcastle 8-0

The A-League All Stars vs Newcastle game was a massive waste of time as the Premier League side fielded a team of youngsters that got annihilated 8-0.

Despite the Premier League season finishing literally a week ago, Newcastle are already doing a world tour with their first stop in Australia. On Wednesday the team’s usual starters played Tottenham to a 1-1 draw in Melbourne.

Two days later the Magpies played again with the opponent being the A-League All Stars. In 2022 the All Stars played Barcelona to a thrilling 3-2 defeat with the Catalan side actually playing their stars.

Newcastle chose to field a bunch of youngsters who had a combined eight Premier League appearances this season. The result was 90 minutes of devastation.

A-League All Stars vs Newcastle highlights

Hopefully the tickets weren’t too expensive for the poor fans who attended the game. In all honesty what was the point of playing this game? Who benefitted from this?

The Newcastle youngsters certainly didn’t get anything out of an 8-0 embarrassment. This was essentially a training session for the A-League All Stars.


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