Weston McKennie Is An Absolute Vibe Merchant

Immaculate vibes paired with incredible skill, Weston McKennie has won the hearts of the entire world.

New videos have emerged confirming what we already knew to be true. Weston McKennie is him. Himothy, Himmy Neutron, to himfinity and beyond; Weston is simply that guy. 

Since preseason began, McKennie has been an absolute vibe merchant. His play on the field has enamored fans from Texas to Turin, but his personality off it has been incredible to behold. His teammates love him, Italians have embraced him and he seems to have embraced Italy as well. 

Capable of jaw-dropping skill and masterful finishing, the 23-year-old American has emerged as one of Juventus’ best and most reliable midfielders. But what we love is just how chill and hilarious he is. From getting haircuts with Paul Pogba and Denis Zakaria to bringing an RC car into the dressing room, McKennie’s immaculate energy and love for the game are clear for all to see.

Just keep him away from espresso and don’t get between him and his ranch dressing.