Two Funny Videos From This Weekend In Soccer. Simple As That

I don’t even need a subhead.

Although the Premier League kicked off this weekend and demands our undivided attention, I think you’ll be pleased to see a couple things outside of Pep Guardiola spending $1 billion on assorted full backs. I give you two videos unashamedly taken from r/soccer.

If you don’t know, r/soccer is a sort of void that begins in the pit of your stomach before lodging at the back of your throat — it’s the ultimate representation of what it means to see fear in a handful of dust. It’s like Twitter in that respect.

So here’s five players failing to connect with the objective at hand, perhaps like politicians or something. I’m not good at political humor. Everything I know about politics I owe to this article

Here’s Barcelona reject Malcom lacing one at the referee in Russia. I’m sure this could be a political joke as well. Damn, if I knew more about politics this article would be a lot more topical.

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