Apple TV announces release date for Ted Lasso Season 3

One more month, Richmond fans! Season 3 of Ted Lasso will be coming to Apple TV on March 15, 2023, after a break that felt like an eternity. The Emmy-winning comedy has delivered a spectacular story but left fans with a massive cliffhanger in its last episode nearly a year and a half ago.

Apple TV announces release date for Ted Lasso Season 3

Apple TV’s inspirational soccer-adjacent story has been a way for many fans to learn about the game while learning about themselves as well. Ted, the titular character, is an unstoppable snowball of human emotion from every end of the spectrum. His wit and wisdom are infectious as he navigates the world of soccer management, starting in the Premier League with AFC Richmond. He even wrote messages for the USMNT ahead of its trip to the World Cup last year.

Along the way, we meet his partners in crime, namely Coach Beard, Rebecca Welton, Roy Kent and Nate Shelley to name just a few. These characters develop their own storylines as the show goes on, in a way that few shows today do. 

As they go about their lives, we see tremendous vulnerability and moments many people are forced to deal with in isolation, creating a show that truly connects its audience with its story and ensures that leaving teary-eyed is standard procedure. 

This show has it all, and for soccer fans, it’s a must-watch, even though it's not really about soccer. With the release date only a month away, it’s time to BELIEVE!

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