Son Heung-min Has Goofy Moment With Fred As He Pretends To Knee Brazilian In The Bum

Tottenham and South Korea star Son Heung-min had a humorous interaction with Brazil’s Fred on Thursday during a friendly match in Seoul. The result wasn’t ideal for South Korea and Son as the Brazil won the game 5-1. That didn’t stop Son from having some fun.

During the game Son crept up on Fred and pretended to drive his knee right into the Brazilian’s bum. A harmless love tap, but still something you don’t see every day as the two Premier League players laughed off the moment.

Son Knees Fred During Friendly

Son is one of the most beloved players in the world and a humorous moment like this only helps his case. 

The Premier League Golden Boot winner returned to South Korea for international duty and was awarded the country’s highest sporting honor.

South Korea’s international team has a busy summer with three more friendlies scheduled in June and then the East Asian Cup in July. This will all be in preparation for the World Cup in November.

South Korea will be underdogs to get out of the group among the likes of Portugal, Uruguay and Ghana. Son will look to get his side to the knockout stages of the tournament for the first time since 2010.

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