Soccer New Years Resolutions That Could Relate To You

What will your resolution be?

Fingers crossed that 2021 will be a much better year than 2020. Although we may still be in the midst of a global pandemic starting the new year, there is no reason we should put our heads down and assume we will have a repeat of 2020. One way to really make sure your new year starts off on a high note is by creating goals and resolutions for yourself. As many resolutions only last the first month or so of the new year, coming up with smaller goals that are more obtainable may be ideal. 

Here are the top 5 goals that could be set for almost anyone.

Soccer New Years Resolutions

1. Focus More On Yourself

Something we may have learned this past year is how to be on our own and isolated from society. Being in quarantine may have taught us a lot about ourselves and how we survive without interacting with the outside world. No more going out to dinner or out to bars, just lots of TikToks and home-cooked meals. For the new year it is definitely going to be important to prioritize yourself and make sure you are healthy both physically and mentally.

2. Stay On Top of Your Game 

If the world shuts down again, setting up a training schedule and weekly workout routine will help keep you in top shape for when practices and games return. As many people have purchased workout equipment and built their own in-home gyms, you may already be prepared for another round of isolation.

3.  Have A Healthy & Positive Work Environment

As we all wish that we could just play football for a living like many of our favorite players, not everyone is as lucky. Working from home or working in a mask is definitely a complete change in environment and can have an effect on you. Put yourself in a happy environment in your home or workplace and hang up your favorite teams' posters, flags or scarves and do everything you can to enjoy what you are doing. I even keep a soccer ball at my feet while I work so I can have a reminder of something that makes me happy, even if I am having a rough day. 

4. Watch Your Favorite Teams

If professional sports continue to play, take time to watch your favorite teams. This also goes under just doing what makes you happy, but taking the time to cheer on your favorite players or teams and watching amazing goals and plays can just put you in a better mood. Even if your significant other doesn’t enjoy watching football, do it anyways!

5. Move Forward From 2020

Despite how miserable 2020 was, we have come so far as an entire world and adapted to the current state of our respective areas. We learned to live without in-person socialization, live sports, eating out, walking around without a mask and so much more. It is important to remember what we went through in 2020 and move forward in the new year to make it better than last year, which should not be hard to do. 

Take these resolutions as you please and have a safe and healthy new year! 

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