Ronaldinho has still got it and flexes incredible skills in soccer volleyball clip

Brazilian legend Ronaldinho may have turned 43 this month but there’s still an exorbitant amount of life left in his legs.

Earlier this week, he posted a clip of himself on Instagram playing some intense 2v2 sand volleyball. The catch was that none of the players were allowed to use their hands or arms. 

Ronaldinho was as flashy as ever. He successfully completed a no-look pass while smiling into the camera, prevented his opponents from scoring and finished off the point with an incredible kick.

What a play!

Ronaldinho volleyball clip

Where was all this energy and movement when Ronnie made a guest appearance in Gerard Piqué’s Kings League during a February match? He hardly even moved in that game yet here he is pulling off some ninja-esque moves on the sand volleyball court.

I need to add this guy to my recreational volleyball team.

Ronaldinho’s last cameo playing competitive soccer was in the Paraguayan prison league where he scored five goals and assisted six in the final. His side won 11-2.

Before that he last played in India’s Premier Futsal League from 2016 through 2017. He was cooking people.

His futsal days may be behind him, but perhaps Sepak Takraw will be Ronaldinho’s new frontier.

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