Brentford’s Neal Maupay gets yellow card as a sub for invading pitch to interrupt a free kick

When it comes to some of the game’s greatest shithousers Neal Maupay is definitely in the conversation and had one of his finer moments on Saturday vs. Chelsea.

The French striker was on the bench for Brentford and spotted his chance for some tomfoolery. 

During the second half Chelsea had a free kick near the sideline with Cole Palmer set to take the kick. Maupay was on the sideline doing his warmups and decided to take a detour to disrupt the game.

Neal Maupay yellow card vs Chelsea

Why did he do this? There’s no logical explanation for it, he’s just Neal Maupay. Perhaps he did it to get into Palmer’s head, maybe he’s legally blind and didn’t realize he was on the field or he’s just an asshat who likes to goof around.

Maupay received a yellow card for the incident and was subbed into the game in the 76th. It’s hard to recall the last time a player entered a game as a substitute already on a yellow card.

Maupay would get the last laugh on Chelsea as he would assist the last-minute goal to make it 2-0 for Brentford. He then posted an Instagram story of himself wearing the Chelsea goalkeeper's kit on the bus ride back to Brentford.

Brentford have won more games at Stamford Bridge than Chelsea have since April.

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