Oh no, here comes the neighbor on his scooter with a noise complaint

Just when you think you've seen it all on the football pitch, your neighbor comes puttering along on his scooter, bringing the match to a standstill, to complain about all the matchday malarkey that's frightening his horses. 

Now you've really seen it all.

That was the case this weekend in the Netherlands during an amateur match between VV Veenhuizen and Vitesse '63. According to reports, some fireworks at the match were spooking the man's horses, so he drove his scooter to the center circle while players and fans watched on in disbelief.  

The way he backpedaled and then squared up with No. 12 was pretty menacing. Things would've quickly escalated if toes were run over.

It's clear that the neighborly man is no fan of local side VV Veenhuizen, and that's probably for the best since they got beat 4-1 by the team in last place.

"We will talk to the neighbor," said club chairman Kees van der Leest. "He also acted out of emotion, I think. We want a good relationship, we are neighbors after all."

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