Luis Suarez Is Already In Midseason Diving Form

Giorgio Chiellini stuck out his knee, and Luis Suarez went for an exaggerated tumble.

I hope you never feel the type of pain Luis Suarez feels here after bumping into Giorgio Chiellini. This video is tough to watch. There is real anguish in this man's eyes. His nervous system is on fire, crying out for an ice pack and some magic spray and preferably a direct free kick. You don't know what real pain is. Luis Suarez knows. He feels it here.

Here's another angle. There was definitely contact, but we can't pinpoint the exact reason for Suarez being in so much pain.

Luis Suarez played the rest of the game after that happened, which just shows the incredible amounts of pain the human body is able to endure when pressed. It's also a matter of will, and Luis Suarez has an iron one. We think professional athletes athletes are just heavily-pampered softies until a moment like this comes along and reminds us that they are superhuman.

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