Austin FC’s Guilherme Boro does incredible scorpion kick goal-line clearance

A defender just channeled his inner René Higuita to save their club from conceding a goal.

Scorpion kicks are held as perhaps one of the most rare skills to be used in soccer. Happening every once in a blue moon, the famous move is often regarded as the cream-of-the-crop skill to use in front of goal.

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Score a scorpion, you’re in Puskas Award contention.

Now, defying the unwritten ‘rules’ of the move, a defender just made headlines for using the skill at the opposite end of the goal — saving his team from conceding in perhaps the most amazing way to defend a shot.

Austin FC’s Guilherme Boro scorpion kick goal-line clearance vs. Orlando City

In the match between Orlando City and Austin FC in Matchday 5 of the 2024 MLS Season, Brazilian Austin FC defender Guilherme Boro went viral across social media for having perhaps the most unorthodox, but aesthetically efficient way of clearing a ball at the goal line.

After a beautifully curved corner kick from Orlando City’s Nico Loderio bound to turn inside the goal for an epic ‘olímpico’, the Austin FC defender reached over his back like prime Odell Beckham Jr. to save the visitors from conceding.

Unlike Odell, however, Boro reached back with his foot like a scorpion in a hot summer day in the desert. Legendary Colombian goalkeeper René Higuita would be proud.

The Brazilian way of defending.

Despite the epic highlight, Austin FC would go on to lose the game 2-0, with Boro’s master play having no real impact on the scoreline. Going home with loss but with an awesome scorpion kick to show your family at home, we’ll take it.

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