2022 World Cup winner Exequiel Palacio’s ex-wife sells jersey used in the final to cover rent payments

A World Cup winner’s jersey worn in the final and gold medal have been sold by his ex-wife after he refused to cover rent payments. Yes, this has happened.

Exequiel Palacio's ex-wife sells jersey worn in World Cup final to cover rent payments

The estranged wife of Bayer Leverkusen and Argentina player, Exequiel Palacios, has made headlines after incredibly selling his World Cup memorabilia to settle debts amidst a messy divorce. 

Yesica Frías, an Argentine model, influencer and former wife of Palacios, revealed earlier this week that she had sold the jersey worn by the player during Argentina's victory over France in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. 

Frías shared a photo on her Instagram story featuring herself and the buyer posing with Palacios' signed jersey.

Additionally, the same buyer is said to have bought the gold medal awarded to the players and staff following Argentina's historic win from Frías. The precise amount for both pieces from the sale remains undisclosed.

Frías decided to sell both pieces of memorabilia when Palacios continuously refused to cover payments for their apartment in the city of Tigre in Argentina, forcing the model to put the player’s iconic jersey for sale.

“He doesn’t want to finish paying for the apartment because he didn’t know if it was going to be his or not [following the divorce],” said Frías to Argentine television network El Trece.

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Following the apparent success and revenue from selling his World Cup keepsakes, Frías has revealed that she plans on selling all of Palacios’ jerseys she has in her possession — a means she will continue doing until he signs the divorce.

“I want him to sign the divorce. I only ask him for what belongs to me,” she said.

The Argentine has been flooded with threatening messages on social media, criticizing her decision of selling her ex-husband’s highly-valued World Cup pieces.

Following the backlash and Palacios’ alleged negligence to her situation, Frías has threatened to reveal information regarding Argentina’s 2022 World Cup squad.

“It is convenient for him that I remain silent. There are things I know about the national team that I shouldn’t say,” claimed Frías.

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A messy situation all-in-all.

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