Eden Hazard reunites with Swansea ball boy he kicked over a decade later

After 11 years it appears the beef between Eden Hazard and former Swansea ball boy Charlie Morgan has been settled.

A rewind back to 2013 sets the scene of the two crossing paths for the first time. With Chelsea trailing 2-0 on aggregate in the final minutes of a League Cup match, Hazard wasn’t a fan of Morgan’s timewasting tactics.

The ball had gone out for a goal kick and Morgan took a little too long grabbing the ball for Hazard. The now retired Belgian took the ball by force and kicked Morgan who was just 17 years old at the time.

Morgan left his soccer career behind him as he founded Au Vodka three years after the kick to the ribs. He’s now a millionaire and is reportedly worth more than $40 million.

On Wednesday Hazard posted photos of the two enjoying some Au Vodka as well as spending time on the golf course.

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This is a brilliant marketing move from Au Vodka, Hazard gets some money and it provides a happy ending to the pair of former players that met under much more intense circumstances.

Hazard retired from professional soccer in October 2023.

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