Momentos Más Locos En La Historia del Clásico

The craziest moments in the 118-year history of El Clásico between Barcelona and Real Madrid.

The quickest way to spot a football fan would be to say the words El Clasico. It is known around the world and maybe the most must-see annual football event. Every time Barcelona and Real Madrid face each other there will surely be headlines in the making. The two are two of the most successful and biggest clubs in the world. El Clasico has seen some of the best players in history put on a show, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Ronaldinho, Zinedine Zidane and many others. 

Having such a high level of overall talent and success adds to some crazy moments in this famous rivalry. Here we will list some of the craziest moments in the 118 years of El Clasico history. 

Craziest Moments In El Clásico History

A Pig Head Is Thrown On The Field

One of Barcelona’s best players, the Portuguese Luis Figo, decided to raise some eyebrows and sign for Real Madrid. Once Figo returned to the Camp Nou, Barcelona fans let him hear it from a rain of boos to every insult imaginable. While going to take a corner kick, Barcelona supporters threw everything imaginable at Figo, including a pig head. The game saw a delay due to the layer of items on the field but managed to conclude after the fans settled down. 

Lionel Messi Nets 93rd-Minute, Game-Winning Goal 

One of the more recent moments on this list. It was the 2016-17 LaLiga season with Real Madrid and Barcelona fighting for the top spot in the league like every other year. The game was a classic, with both teams enjoying moments in which they would be in front. Both teams also made a comeback after being down one goal. It was the game's dying moments and with the score even at 2, Barcelona mustered a very quick counterattack and the ball just inside the box found Lionel Messi’s golden left to shoot for a dramatic last-minute game-winner. The celebration that came after was iconic as Messi took off his shirt and held up his number to the fans at the Bernabeu for an iconic photo. 


Ronaldinho Receives Standing Ovation From Real Madrid Supporters

In 2005, Ronaldinho scored one of the most beautiful goals you’ll ever see en route to a 3-0 Barcelona win. The Brazilian dribbled through the heart of the pitch and the steady Real Madrid defense for two goals. The goals were so outstanding that Madrid fans gave him a standing ovation for his efforts and skill. This was the second occasion in which Real Madrid fans gave an opposing player an ovation, the first being Diego Maradona. 

2002 Semifinal Dubbed Match Of The Century

Real Madrid and Barcelona clashed in the 2002 UEFA Champions League semifinals. Real Madrid took the first leg by a score of 2-0 at the Camp Nou with goals scored by Zinedine Zidane and Steven McManaman. Leaving Barcelona with a difficult task going to the Bernabeu down two goals, the deficit was too much to overcome and the second leg finished in a 1-1 draw. Real Madrid went to the final and defeated Bayern Leverkusen with a Zidane goal, which was one of the best in history. 

Gareth Bale Goal In 2014 Copa Del Rey Final

In what was a pretty even final going until the last five minutes when suddenly we’d see absolute brilliance from the Welsh man Gareth Bale. With Cristiano Ronaldo unable to play and cheering his teammates on from the stands, Real Madrid looked for someone to step up, and someone did. Bale picked up the ball from the Real Madrid half and ran as fast he possibly could through Barcelona defender Marc Batra; he was then left one-on-one with the goalkeeper and finished with his signature left foot to give Madrid the victory. 

Johan Cruyff Arrives In Style At Barcelona

In what wasn’t the typical Barcelona season coming into the game; Barcelona was as low as 14th on the LaLiga table, a place they usually don’t find themselves in. Cruyff at first missed seven games due to injury. Enter Cruyff and he would lead a 5-0 dominant win over Real Madrid. Cruyff scored one goal and had three assists — the win turned around Barcelona’s season as it would go on to win LaLiga.

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