Chicharito Dresses Up Like Screech From ‘Saved By The Bell’ To Meet LeBron James

Javier Hernández is living the American dream in Los Angeles. The new LA Galaxy star has been yucking it up since moving to Hollywood from Sevilla for $9.4 million in January. 

It’s clear Chicharito has fully embraced the LA lifestyle after his appearance in the most wonderful of shirts (wait for it) at the Staples Center on Tuesday night.

Hernández and his wife, Australian model Sarah Kohan, had front-row seats as the Lakers played the Pelicans. Before the game, Chicharito made a “dream come true” when he met Lakers star LeBron James. 

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Dream come true

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I’ve never seen two people look at each other more lovingly upon their first meeting. Personally, I think Chicharito should’ve been more starstruck to meet Man City fan Alex Caruso, but that’s just me. 

Based on that photo, it appears Hernández is just wearing a colorful shirt, something that isn’t too out of place in LA. But the pic doesn’t do justice to just how much Chicharito is enjoying himself in America. 

In reality, Chicha’s camisa is the type of shirt you’d expect to see Screech from “Saved by the Bell” wearing.


Hernández has been galivanting all over his new city ahead of the MLS season, which begins Saturday. Tuesday’s wasn’t the first Lakers game Chicharito attended. His attire was much more subdued for a somber night at the Staples Center.

Chicharito also got to do the honorary puck drop before an LA Kings game against the Florida Panthers, also at the Staples Center.

Hernández definitely looks 100 percent focused on winning a — what’s this league called again? oh right — MLS title.

Meanwhile, Chicharito failed to score during preseason for the Galaxy, who play in Houston against the Dynamo on Saturday to open the 2020 campaign. 

But Hernández did manage to do whatever this is.

It’s gonna be an interesting season for a club that seems to have already forgotten about Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

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