Best Video In Internet History Appears And It’s A Thai Club Promoting A Kit

From this day forward I support Buriram United.

Sometimes you question whether all this internet was really a good idea to begin with. The misinformation, the death of the Fourth Estate, the social media addiction, the rise in mental illness, the dumbing down of the entire global population, the monopolization of everything by the most uncaring corporations in the history of mankind… it really makes you think.

But then a video like this comes along and you remember why we made the internet in the first place: to occasionally connect the globe with one giant golden thread of joy.

Usually this comes in the form of cats, dogs or any other animals that can briefly tear us away from our crippling misanthropy. But sometimes humans can do good too. Buriram United, you done good. 

Internet, I'm back on your side. Just don't do any of those bad things ever again.

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