One Of The Best Agüero Goals You Haven’t Seen: A 17-Year-Old On Independiente Destroying Racing Club

Sergio Agüero had an emotional farewell to the sport on Wednesday after being forced to retire at the age of 33 due to a heart condition. Fans of all clubs — even those who had Agüero as a bitter rival for so many years —fondly remembered Agüero’s career that was ended far too soon.

Agüero is the proud owner of arguably the most iconic goal in the sport’s history. Everyone soccer fan remembers where they were when Manchester City stole the Premier League title on the final day in the final seconds of the 2011-12 season.

As nostalgic and euphoric as Agüero’s title-winning goal was, one of his best goals in his astounding career came in 2005 in Argentina. Some Independiente fans say that Agüero’s fearless solo goal against Racing Club in the Avellaneda Derby is the best in the club’s history.

Aguero Goal Vs Racing Club 2005

The message on Agüero’s shirt was a tribute to his best friend who had passed away.

Independiente won the game 4-0 and 17-year-old Agüero had scored a famous goal. The next season he would make the move across the pond to Europe for Atlético Madrid and the rest is history.

Farewell, Agüero.

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