José Mourinho Spends Time Off Delivering Food To The Elderly

Nothing like having Tottenham's manager deliver food to your doorstep.

Humanity is banding together to fight COVID-19 like that scene in Avengers: Endgame when all the heroes walk out of the portals together.

The footballing world has done its fair share in the battle: Cristiano Ronaldo is donating to hospitals, Julie Ertz is giving money to help feed people and countless other acts have been seen over the past month. The latest name to add to the list is Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho, who helped deliver food to the elderly.

*There will now be a short intermission for Mourinho jokes*

This is one of the first times he’s actually delivered this year.

All jokes aside, what Mourinho is doing is noble and inspiring. While his last few games before the suspension of football were ones to forget, his latest actions are ones to remember and pass on.

“The Special One” teamed up with charities Age UK and Love Your DoorStep to help those most in need, specifically the elderly. In a video, Mourinho said that others can help too.

“I’m here to help Age UK Enfield, Love Your DoorStep Enfield and of course you can donate food, money or be a volunteer,” Mourinho said.

Many in the UK will be in need of help as Prime Minister Boris Johnson issued a stay-at-home order and lockdown of the country on Monday to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Age UK thanked Mourinho for all of his help and encouraged anyone who can to donate to the campaign.

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