44-Year-Old Formiga Still Out There Snatching Souls, Breaking Ankles

The Brazilian legend still has more skill than you’ll ever have.

Formiga, 44, is a legend of the game in the truest sense of the word. Though she retired from the Brazilian national team in November, she began her 30th year of professional football on Monday as the Brasileiro Feminino A1 season kicked off. She may be old enough to be both team captain and team mom, but she’s still out there breaking ankles with ageless grace and style on the pitch.

Formiga is the only footballer in the world to have played at seven World Cups (men or women). She is the only footballer in the world to have played in seven Olympic games (men or women). She is the only footballer in the world to appear 234 times for the Brazilian national team (men or women). 

When Formiga was born, it was still illegal for women to play soccer in Brazil. By the time she was 15, she was a pro playing for São Paulo, debuting for the national team two years later. Women’s soccer has changed immensely since Formiga started playing nearly 30 years ago, but one thing that hasn’t changed is her ability to make magic with the ball. 

During São Paulo’s 1-1 draw with Flamengo on Monday, Formiga snatched the soul of a poor defender who wrongly thought she could take the ball off her. 

Formiga Skill vs. Flamengo

Got damn. You know it’s bad when the stretcher comes out after a move like that; it doesn’t even matter if the player was injured or just faking it to avoid further humiliation.

While Marta may be the more popular Brazilian footballer, Formiga will always have her place in history for her longevity while kicking ass all along the way. 

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