18 Of The Most Underrated Songs From FIFA Soundtracks

The hidden gems you might have forgotten about but are still just as good.

One element the FIFA videos games have the edge on compared to any other video game series is their soundtracks. Over the past two decades the soccer video game series has been paired to the tunes of endless bangers. The sheer volume of hits means there are also a plethora of underrated FIFA songs dying to be played.

Songs such as “On Top Of The World” by Imagine Dragons and “The Nights” by Avicii are certified classics. The18 has created a playlist consisting of the top 18 FIFA songs and there are tons of other lists online.

In total there are nearly 500 songs that have featured on FIFA games. Some great songs have been muffled over the sound of the top hits.

I’ve had enough of some of my favorites not getting the amount of plays they deserve and I'm pulling them out from under the rug they were so rudely swept under. Here are 18 of the most underrated FIFA songs.

The18’s 18 Most Underrated FIFA Songs

18 Most Underrated FIFA Songs Track List (Not listed in any particular order)

1. The Veronicas – Untouched (FIFA 09)

2. Matt and Kim – Daylight (FIFA 10)

3. Infadels (Mekon Remix) – Can’t Get Enough (FIFA 07)

4. Deadmau5, Gerard Way – Professional Griefers (Vocal Mix) (FIFA 13)

5. Gonzales, Boys Noize – Working Together (Boys Noize Dub Mix) (FIFA 09)

6. Mellowdrone – Oh My (FIFA 07)

7. The Griswolds – 16 Years (FIFA 15)

8. Porter Robinson, Madeon – Shelter (FIFA 17)

9. Foster The People – Call It What You Want (FIFA 12)

10. Ram Di Dam – Flashbacks (FIFA 11)

11. Ladytron – Ace of Hz (FIFA 11)

12. Grouplove, Captain Cuts – Colours (Captain Cuts Remix) (FIFA 12)

13. The Chevin – Champion (FIFA 13)

14. The 1975 – The City (FIFA 14)

15. Jax Jones – Yeah Yeah Yeah (FIFA 16)

16. Of Monsters and Men – Crystals (FIFA 16)

17. Kyo – Contact (FIFA 05)

18. The Knocks, Kah-Lo – Awa Ni (FIFA 20)

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