The Longest Goals Of All Time

The best goals are the goals that no one sees coming. The long goals that come out of nowhere and no one can predict. All 14 of these goals, the longest goals in football history, fall into this category.

Some of these goals were scored by the goalkeepers, some of these goals were scored by the field players, and all of these goals were scored from inside their own half. Incredible. The longest goal of them all – Tom King's world record goal – was scored from 105 yards out, the equivalent of kicking a ball the entire length of an American football field and then some.

For this list, we considered only longest goals that occurred during official competitions and for which video evidence is available.

Here's the full list, with videos of each below.

The Longest Goals In Football History

#1 - Tom King (105 yards, Guinness World Record for longest goal)

#2 – Asmir Begović (100.5 yards)

#3 – Matías Dituro (est. 95-100 yards)

#4 – Tim Howard (est. 95-100 yards)

#5 – Andy Lonergan (est. 95-100 yards)

#6 – Mohd Syamsuri Mustafa (est. 95-100 yards)

#7 – David Bingham (est. 90-95 yards)

#8 – Paul Robinson (est. 80 yards)

#9 – Diego Ribas da Cunha (est. 65-70 yards)

#10 – Charlie Adam (est. 60-65 yards)

#11 – Xabi Alonso (est. 60-65 yards)

#12 – Maynor Figueroa (est. 55-60 yards)

#13 – David Beckham (est. 55 yards)

#14 – Wayne Rooney (est. 50-55 yards)


Honorable Mentions, Late Entries And Updates

Jung Sung-Ryong , 2008 (est. 90-95 yards)

Mark Oxley, 2014 (est. 90-95 yards)

Luis Martinez, 2006 (est. 90-95 yards)

Tomohiko Murayama, 2013 (est. 90-95 yards)

José Luis Chilavert, 1996 (est. 50-60 yards)

Quillan Roberts, 2011 (est. 50-60 yards)

Håkon Opdal, 2015 (est. 50-55 yards)

Send us a message if you discover a long-distance goal we missed. We'll review it and consider it for inclusion on the list.

Asmir Begović vs. Southampton

The match between Stoke City and Southampton ended in a tie, but it was a tie no one would ever forget. Stoke City's goalkeeper Asmir Begović shocked us all when he scored from a long goal kick. The goal that no one saw coming earned him a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest goal scored in football at 91.9 meters – which is the equivalent of 100.5 yards or 301 feet, 6 inches.

Matías Dituro vs. San José

The game is not over until the ref blows the final whistle. Goalkeeper Matías Dituro ended the game with a bang by scoring this long goal from his own penalty area in the 95th minute. The final score was 3-1. While this goal was not officially measured, we estimate its distance at around 100 yards.

Tim Howard vs. Bolton Wanderers

Tim Howard's near-100-yard free kick against Bolton Wanderers earned him a spot on the list of goalkeepers who have scored from a far. Howard has referred to his goal as "cruel" and refused to celebrate out of sympathy against the opposing team's goalkeeper, Adam Bogadan. Howard told BBC Radio Merseyside, "I was excited to score a goal and I've never done that before...I really feel for Adam Bogadan but those things happen and you have to move on from it." 

Andy Lonergan vs. Leicester City

Andy Lonergan found the back of the net after scrambling to find open players out on the field. Beautiful punt on his side, terrible goalkeeping on the other side.


Mohd Syamsuri Mustafa vs. Vietnamese National Team

From one goal post to another. Malaysia's keeper, Mohd Syamsuri Mustafa, punted the ball over everyone's heads and it bounced right into the back of the net. 

David Bingham vs. West Brom

Those who showed up for a midweek friendly left with one memorable experience. San Jose Earthquakes backup goalkeeper David Bingham proved himself by showing everyone that goalkeepers can score too. This stunning goal started from a punt about 90 yards out and ended with nothing but excitement and cheer.

Paul Robinson vs. Watford

Tottenham's goalkeeper Paul Robinson added a 80-yard goal to his career after scoring his first-ever goal off a free kick against Watford. His first goal was for Leeds United when he headed in a goal against Swindon Town in a League Cup tie.

Diego vs. Alemannia Aachen

Your first touch is an important touch. Diego controlled the ball, sent it forward, and took his chances towards goal. He ended up scoring from around 68 yards out. He explained, "When I saw that the goalkeeper was still far from the goal and I had the ball under control, I shot." And it's a good thing he did, because he scored one hell of a goal.


Charlie Adam vs. Chelsea

Stoke's Charlie Adam was about to cross half when he decided to take matters into his own hands. His long-distance strike was so powerful it had the goalkeeper spinning in all sorts of circles. His "once in a lifetime goal" shook the country and sparked the Internet. He was compared to Lionel Messi after scoring this goal and went on to say, "Messi would've been proud."

Xabi Alonso vs. Newcastle United

Xabi scored a truly memorable goal for Liverpool. The goal that is considered his best goal ever was shot from his own half during a Premier League Match against Newcastle. 

Maynor Figueroa vs. Stoke

Maynor Figueroa was thinking quick and took the free kick almost right away. His powerful strike flew over everyone and fell perfectly into the net in a match against Stoke.

David Beckham vs. Wimbledon

Beckham's 55-yard strike in 1996 became one of the most iconic goals in the history of football. His goal for Manchester United brought in all sorts of attention. "I couldn't have known it then, but that moment was the start of it all: the attention, the press coverage, the fame," he wrote in his autobiography, My Side. "When my foot struck that ball, it kicked open the door to the rest of my life."

Wayne Rooney vs. West Ham

It was a goal that came out of nowhere. Rooney's strike has been compared to David Beckham's strike (above). It sparked a huge debate and people are still not done talking about the long distance goals.

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