Ronaldo Scores 44th Career Hat Trick (Watch)

After his latest hat-trick against Atletico Madrid, Ronaldo now has 44 career hat-tricks: 39 for Real Madrid, 1 for Manchester United and 4 for Portugal

After today's Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid derby, many of you may be asking, "Exactly how many hat-tricks does Cristiano Ronaldo have?"

You may also be asking, "Can anyone else score for Real Madrid?"

The answer to these questions is, respectively, a sh*t ton and no. To put it in perspective, Ronaldo is scoring hat-tricks at the same rate at which I consume breakfast sandwiches. Which is to say, very frequently.

Here's how it breaks down.

How Many Hat-Tricks Does Cristiano Ronaldo Have?

Ronaldo Hat-Tricks For Real Madrid = 39 hat-tricks

Ronaldo Hat-Tricks For Manchester United = 1 hat-trick

Ronaldo Hat-Tricks For Portugal National Team = 4 hat-tricks

In case you want to keep track of Ronaldo's hat-tricks as the number continues to grow, check out this awesome resource curated by Michel Acosta, which tracks ongoing stats for Ronaldo versus Messi.


Check out Ronaldo's latest hat-trick against Atletico Madrid below.

Goal #1: Free Kick Off The Crossbar

Goal #2: PK, Ronaldo Sends Oblak The Wrong Way

Goal #3: Bale Sets Up Ronaldo

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