USA U-19 Team Fights Bahrain U-20s After Cheap Shot

The USA U-19s lost to the Bahrain U-20s, 3-1, in Spain, but the score was overshadowed by the huge brawl that happened.

How mad would you be if you were bounced from a major international tournament by the likes of Bahrain? Let's ask the USA men's U-19 team, which lost 3-1 to Bahrain in the COTIF tournament, ensuring their exit from the competition.

Well that escalated quickly. They appear to not be psyched about it. (The USA is in the dark-colored jerseys and Bahrain in the white, by the way.)

What's amazing to me is the brawl was kicked off by a cheap shot from a player from the team that was winning. You usually don't see that kind of behavior from the team that's having an objectively more fun game. Usually it's the losers who act out and get chippy.

On one hand, fighting is mostly bad and should be avoided if at all possible. On the other hand, if someone does something like that to someone on your team, THE CHAIR! GIVE HIM THE CHAIR!

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