Scottish Premiership Keeper Appears To Mentally Fall Into A Black Hole

Ross County goalkeeper Scott Fox evaded a challenge and then unexplainably just stopped.

30-year-old Ross County goalkeeper Scott Fox committed one of the strangest howlers you’ll see all season during his side’s defeat to Rangers in the Scottish Premiership over the weekend. 

A poor back pass invited pressure on Fox, but the experienced keeper displayed some great footwork to evade the challenge and create some space for himself. But in the four seconds to follow, Fox appears to suffer from a severe brian fart — a brain shart or even brain diarrhea. 

He just stands there, perhaps feeling a vague sense of foreboding and dread, like some unknown presence is lurking behind him. As the cry from the Rangers supporters behind the goal begins to grow, Fox becomes frozen, allowing the clamor to envelop him and drag him beneath the surface of the pitch where it’s nice and safe and nobody can find him.

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