U-16 Side Unleashes The Power Of The Somersault In Hilarious Free Kick Routine

Union Berlin’s U-16s scored off a set piece with the help of one perfectly executed tumble.

If we’re being perfectly honest here, this all really boils down to the quality of the assist in the final passage of play. The clipped, first-time dink hits the runner in stride and leads to the goal, but we mustn’t play down how the runner managed to streak unmarked into the area in the first place. That was accomplished via a somersault.

It’s a perfectly executed somersault simply because the footballer turned gymnast didn’t break his own neck. I think that’s really the only standard that exists with regards to this particular acrobatic exercise.

However, you can also tell that it absolutely fooled that one defender who illegally charges down the set piece without any contact having been made with the ball. No matter.

I’m also particularly enamored with the defending team’s protests after the goal. “Sir! There’s no SOMERSAULTING in soccer!” 

Everything is different now.

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