Hablaliga: Is The Title Race Over?

Barcelona's El Clasico victory has basically turned La Liga into a one-horse race.

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Hi, I'm Giselle Cesin with The18 and this is Hablaliga.

The first Clasico of the 2017-2018 season has come and gone and, well, there is no easy way to say this but Barcelona's 3-0 victory over Real Madrid has pretty much put an end to any sort of title race in Spain.

Barcelona are nine points up on Atletico Madrid, 10 points up on Valencia and an astounding 14 points up on Real Madrid, although Los Blancos have a game in hand, coming out of the winter break.

Unless Barcelona go through the injury crisis to end all injury crises, or something similarly weird happens, La Liga's traditional two-horse race for the title will be a one-horse race.

Join us next time for more Hablaliga. Just try and amuse yourselves until the winter break is over.

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