Hablaliga MX: Will Landon Donovan Be Any Good In Liga MX?

Does this American legend have anything left in the tank?

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Hi, I’m Giselle Cesin with The18 and this is Hablaliga MX.

Landon Donovan has signed for Leon. On its face, this move doesn’t seem to make sense for either the club or the player. Donovan is 35 years old and last played competitive soccer in 2016, when he made six appearances for the LA Galaxy. Before that, he hadn’t played a competitive match since 2014.

The 35-year-old is undoubtedly one of the best American players ever, but he’s also undoubtedly not the player he once was. It’s hard to see where he can help Leon, who, by the way, are doing just fine without him so far.

Maybe it’s a player-coach type of deal? Surely there are better players out there Leon could have gone after.

Do you think Landon Donovan will be any good in Liga MX?

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